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  • Liam Clancy's Favourites
    • 2005 - liamclancystudios LCCD1 CD [x2] (IRL)
  • Volume (Disc) One
    1. And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda (Eric Bogle)
    2. Roseville Fair (Bill Staines)
    3. Irish Rover (Trad. Arr. L. Clancy)
    4. The Dutchman (Mike Smith)
    5. Sonny's Dream (Ron Hynes)
    6. Red is the Rose (Sarah Makem)
    7. Home From the Sea (Phil Coulter)
    8. The Loch Tay Boat Song (Trad. Arr. L. Clancy)
    9. Shoals of Herring (Ewan McColl)
  • Volume (Disc) Two
    1. Streets of London (Ralph McTell)
    2. The Orchard (Kevin Evans)
    3. Cruisin' Round Yarmouth (Trad. Arr. Clancy, O'Connell & Clancy)
    4. Ar Eireann Ni Neosainn Ce Hi (Trad. Arr. L. Clancy)
    5. Mary Hynes (Poem by Padraic Fallon, Music by Joanie Madden)
    6. Spanish is the Loving Tongue (Trad. Arr. L. Clancy)
    7. The Croppy Boy (Trad. Arr. L. Clancy & Drummond)
    8. Wild Mountain Thyme (Trad. Arr. Clancy Bros. & T. Makem)
    9. Parting Glass (Trad. Arr. L. Clancy)

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