Liam Clancy   •   In Close Up: Volume Two

  • In Close Up: Volume Two
    • 1991 - [?] VHS
  • The Selections:
    1. The Highwayman (Jim Webb)
    2. Yarmouth Town (Arr. Adpt. Liam Clancy)
    3. Mary Ellen Carter (Stan Rogers)
    4. Planter Daughter (Austin Clarke)
    5. An Eireann Ni Neosiinn Ce Hi (Arr. Adpt. Liam Clancy)
    6. Jigs (Trad.)
    7. When You Are Old (William Butler Yeats)
    8. Roseville Fair (Bill Staines)
    9. Pegasus (Patrick Kavenagh)
    10. Freeborn Man (Ewan McColl)
    11. The Garden-Song (David Mallet)
    12. Children After Rain (Paul Grant & Paul Fosken)
    13. Those Were The Days (Gene Raskin)
    14. Journey's End (Judy Goodenough)

  • The Musicians
  • Credits
    • Produced by Patrick Barron, Anner Communications, Dublin Ireland
    • Sound Mix: Martin Murray, Beau St. Studios, Waterford, Ireland
    • Filmed at Olympia Theatre, Dublin
    • Photograph by Eban Clancy
    • Artwork by Tim Berry
    • Mastered by Gerry Putnam
    • Mastered at Cedar House Studio, New London, NH
    • A Clanbarron Production © 1991 LIAM CLANCY

Sleeve Notes

This is the second of a two volume set of video recordings capturing folk balladeer Liam Clancy and his talented band of musicians live at Dublin's Olympia Theatre in 1991 for two wonderful evenings of song, music and poetry.