Tommy Makem   •   Tommy Makem and Friends in Concert

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  • Tommy Makem and Friends in Concert
    • 1992 - WMHT CD (USA)
  • Tracklist
    1. Rambles of Spring (Makem) — Tommy Makem
    2. Raglan Road (Poem by Patrick Kavanagh) & Gentle Annie (Makem) — Tommy Makem
    3. The Piper in the Street Today (Poem by Seamus O'Sullivan) — Tommy Makem & Characters Polka/Warlock Strathspey/Volunteer Donegal Traveler (Madden, Egan, Doherty/Lowe/Trad.) — Cherish the Ladies
    4. The Back Door (Ryan) — Cherish the Ladies
    5. Hornpipe/Pleasures of Hope (Trad.) — Cherish the Ladies
    6. Coal Quay Market/Happy Days/Rabbit in the Field (Trad./L. Redican/B. McCommiskey) — Cherish the Ladies
    7. Radican's Mother/Humors of Westport/Cooley's Morning Dew/Glass of Water/Youghal Harbour (Redican/Trad./O'Brien) — Cherish the Ladies
    8. The Cobbler (Makem) — Tommy Makem
    9. Kitty Magee (Trad., Arr., Makem) — Tommy Makem & Barley Bree
    10. Little Isle of Green (T. Sweeney) — Barley Bree
    11. Star of the County Down (Trad.) — Barley Bree
    12. Love Is Teasing (Trad.) — Barley Bree
    13. O'Carolan's Concerto (Trad.) — Barley Bree
    14. I'll Tell Me Ma (Trad., Arr., Makem) — Tommy Makem & Barley Bree
    15. Ireland My Home (F. Brolly) — Barley Bree
    16. Farewell to Carlingford (Makem) — Tommy Makem
    17. Winds of Morning (Makem) — Tommy Makem
    18. Roddy McCorley (Trad., Arr., Makem) — Tommy Makem
    19. Go Lassie Go (Trad., Arr., Makem) — Tommy Makem Barley Bree & Cherish the Ladies
    20. The Beggarman (Trad., Arr., Makem) — Tommy Makem Barley Bree & Cherish the Ladies

  • Performers
    • Tommy Makem: Lead Vocals, 5 String Banjo, Whistles
    • Ronnie D'addario: Guitars and Backing Vocals
    • Barley Bree
      • P.V. O'Donnell: Vocals, Violin
      • Jimmy Sweeney: Vocals, Banjo, Bodhran, Guitar
      • Tom Sweeney: Vocals, Guitar, Tin Whistle
    • Cherish the Ladies
      • Mary Coogan: Guitar
      • Maureen "Doedoe" Doherty: Accordion
      • Siobhan Egan: Fiddle, Bodhran
      • Winnifred Horan: Fiddle
      • Joanie Madden: Flute, Tin Whistle
      • Cathie Ryan: Vocalist, Bodhran
    • Stepdancers: Eileen Golden, Linnane Wick
  • Credits
    • Producer: Stephen Honeybill
    • Executive Producer: Tom Merklinger
    • Recording Engineer: Charlie Eble and Stephen LaBarron
    • Digital Mastering: Woods End Recording Studio, Saratoga Springs, NY.
    • Graphic Design: Kimberly Mangold Marks
    • Cover Notes/Publicity: Glenda Bullock
    • © 1992 WMHT Educational Telecommunications

Sleeve Notes

This live concert captures the high spirits, humor, and history of the Irish experience at home and abroad through the music of folk artists Tommy Makem, Barley Bree, and Cherish the Ladies.

With The Clancy Brothers, Tommy Makem is credited with bringing Irish music to international attention during the folk music renaissance of the 1960s. He toured for many years with Clancy brother Liam Clancy and is now a much-sought-after solo artist. As a singer, songwriter, and storyteller, Tommy Makem has achieved a legendary stature both in folk music circles and upon the world's stage. In this concert, he performs many of his own songs and poetically welcomes his guests —

This trio of jovial Irishmen (P.V. O'Donnell, and brothers Tom and Jimmy Sweeney) first began performing in Ireland in 1975 and emigrated to North America in 1978. Since then, they have appeared at virtually every Irish folk festival in the United States and Canada, and are great favorites in their native Ireland as well. The group has recorded seven albums together.

America's premier all-woman ensemble of Irish folk musicians, Cherish the Ladies was formed in 1985. Members of the group are of Irish-American parentage and individually have won championships on both sides of the Atlantic as singers, instrumentalists and dancers. As an ensemble, Cherish the Ladies has won rave reviews from coast to coast, drawing upon a rich heritage to create new folk traditions for a new generation.