The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem with their Families

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  • The Clancy Bros & Tommy Makem with their Families
    • 1968 - Hallmark CHM 630 LP (UK)
  • Side One
    1. Paper of Pins — Peg & Bobby Clancy
    2. I Know Where I'm Going — Peg & Bobby Clancy
    3. As I Roved Out — Bobby Clancy & Tommy Makem
    4. The Cobbler — Tommy Makem & his mother Sarah Makem
    5. Whiskey You're the Devil — Liam Clancy
    6. All Around the Loney O — Peg & Bobby Clancy
  • Side Two
    1. The Moonshiner — Tom Clancy
    2. Me Grandfather Died — Peg & Bobby Clancy
    3. Medley — The Grandchildren
      1. Shelley Kee Bookey
      2. Around to The Butcher Shop
      3. One Two Three
    4. The Little Beggarman — Tommy Makem & his mother Sarah Makem
    5. The Real Old Mountain Dew — Patrick Clancy
    6. The Woman from Wexford — Peg & Bobby Clancy
    7. I'll Tell My Ma — Peg & Bobby Clancy

Sleeve Notes

Traditional song in Ireland is distilled from a blend of Irish and English due to the centuries of close associations between the two countries.

The internationally famous Clancy and Makem families, Irish through and through, have combined to make this glorious collection of true, traditional Irish songs.

If you heard these tunes in the mountains of Tibet, the Australian Outback, or in the bleak desolation of Patagonia, you would not fail to recognise the distinctive Irish flavour — humorous, sad, sentimental and essentially nostalgic.