Louis Killen: Discography — Anthologies
(Mostly) Unique Tracks: Folkways Recordings

Revival In Britain — Volume One
  • Revival In Britain — Volume One
    • 1962 - Folkways Records FW 8728 LP

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  • Side One
    • Matt McGinn:
      1. O'Rourke
      2. Under Alow The Ground
      3. The Can O' Tea
      4. Mumbo
      5. Rum'll Hae To Do Today
      6. Tam The Toff
      7. I'll Gi'e You Your Whiskey Back Again
      8. The Haunted Single End
      9. My Father Was Born A Hebrew
      10. This Is Our Land
      11. They'll Neither Work Nor Want
      12. My Uncle Dan
  • Side Two
    • Stan Kelly:
      1. Liverpool Town
      2. The Old Mark II
    • Johnny Handle and Louis Killen:
      1. Farewell To The Monty
    • Johnny Handle:
      1. The Gaffer's Bait
      2. The Stoneman's Lament
      3. The Collier Lad Is A Canny Lad
    • Alan Rogerson:
      1. The College Valley Hunt
    • Enoch Kent:
      1. Christmas Comes But Once A Year
      2. The Man In Charge Of The Knob
      3. Our Commonwealth Brothers
    • Charles Parker:
      1. No Room At The Inn

  • Musicians
    • Matt McGinn, Stan Kelly, Johnny Handle, Louis Killen, Alan Rogerson, Enoch Kent and Charles Parker
  • Credits
    • Edited by Ewan McColl

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Sea Songs
Hearty renditions of traditional songs and chanteys sung at the Seattle Chantey Festival
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  • Sea Songs
    • 1979 - Folkways FTS 37311 LP
    • 2007 - Smithsonian Folkways FW37311 CD

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  • Side One
    1. Ize the Boy — Racine Morton & Marc Bridgham
    2. Santianno — Dan Aguiar
    3. Shoals of Herring - Louis Killen
    4. Hanging Johnny — Clark Branson
    5. Mingulay Boat Song — Paddy Hernon
    6. Roll the Old Chariot — Mary Benson
    7. Lowlands — Stan Hugill
  • Side Two
    1. A Long Long Time Ago — Stan Hugill
    2. Sailboat Malarkey — Mary Wilson
    3. The Bleecher Lass of Kelvin Hall Louis Killen
    4. Run Come See — John Townley
    5. Greenland Fisheries — Dave Baumgarten with Blue Sandrock
    6. Sailor's Alphabet — Bernie Klay
    7. Alice Wentworth — Dan Aguiar

  • Musicians
    • Stan Hugill — Aberdovy, Wales Lowlands
    • Lou Killen — Liverpool, England
    • Dave Baumgarten — Seattle, Washington
    • The X-Seamen's Institute — New York City
      • Bernie Klay
      • Frank Woerner
      • John Townley
      • Dan Aguiar
    • Racine Morton & Marc Bridgham — Seattle, Washington
    • Mary Benson — Portland, Oregon
    • Paddy Hernon — Vancouver, Canada
    • Clark Branson — San Jose, California
    • Mary Wilson — Seattle
    • Voices In The Chorus:
      • Blue Sandrock — Seattle
      • Mary Malloy — Seattle
      • Valentine Doyle — San Francisco
  • Credits
    • Producers: John and Christine Townley
    • Recorded at Holden Hamilton Roberts Recording Studio, Seattle
      • Engineer: Kurt Blood
    • Mixed at Vanguard Studio, New York; engineer, John Kilgore
    • Cover painting: Carl Evers
    • Design: Norma Stanford

Sleeve Notes

This album was commissioned by NMHS and funded by TASA, TAPINTA and Clark Branson. All royalties will be used for future annual festivals of sea song and lore.

Sleeve Notes

The sparkling summer skies of Seattle smiled down as July turned to August over Puget Sound. I was fortunate, along with the rest of the musical X Seamen's Institute, to join in a solid week of song to welcome ships and sailors of the American Sail Training Association's 1978 Tall Ships Pacific. And the company of English singer Louis Killen and the legendary Stan Hugill made the week unforgettable.

Greeting the US Coast Guard's majestic training bark Eagle, accompanied by a fleet of smaller square-riggers, yachts and wooden fishing vessels, was an international host of chantey singers, gathered from across the nation and across the sea to join in the choruses of sea music, from soulful forebitters to rousing capstan and halyard chanteys. After a week of singing and sailing in the matchless Northwest air and sea, we all came away with a feeling that sea music is a still-growing and living tradition-and we and the thousands in our audiences had shared a very special time together.

The tradition will continue to grow, as yearly festivals are being planned, the next one on the East Coast to be sponsored by the American Sail Training Association, the National Maritime Historical Society, and Tapinta.


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Sea Music of Many Lands: The Pacific Heritage
  • Sea Music of Many Lands: The Pacific Heritage
    • 1981 - Folkways Records FW38405 LP

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  • Side One
    1. Ships are Sailing/Foxhunters Reel/High Reel — Gold Ring
    2. Seljefløyte/Strilevise/Nøtterøvalsen — Jim Nelson
    3. Greenland Bound - Louis Killen
    4. Fiafia 'O Lo'u Loto — Fetu O Le Afiafi
    5. South Australia — Stan Hugill
    6. Wreck of the C.P. Yorke — Phil Thomas
  • Side Two
    1. Mocito Que Vas Remando — Grupo Raiz
    2. The Five Gallon Jar — Jill King and Bob Webb
    3. D├ęcimas del Folklore Venezolano — Grupo Raiz
    4. Come All Ye Tonguers — Jill King and Bob Webb
    5. Blow the Man Down — Stan Hugill
    6. The Tugboat Song — Inge Wessels
    7. Lord Franklin — Gold Ring
    8. Evening Song of the Happy Fisherman — Flowing Stream Ensemble
    9. Grey Funnel Line Louis Killen
    10. Shallow Brown — Dick Holdstock

  • Credits
    • Recorded at the National Maritime Museum, San Francisco — Festival of the Sea 1980
    • Director: Robert J. Schwendinger
    • Research Assistant: Russell Frank
    • Folklorist: Charles Seemann
    • N.P.S. Representative: Stephen Hastings
    • Cover Photo: "Fu Fu" band of Ship, SIRAA, ca. 1890, in San Francisco Bay
    • National Maritime Museum Photo
    • Sound Engineer: Vince Piantanida
    • Photographs: Myron Gershenson
    • Location Recording: Phil Bailey and Mary Ward
    • Cover and Booklet Design: Russell Frank and Robert J. Schwendinger

Sleeve Note Excerpts

LOUIS KILLEN was born in Gateshead-on-Tyne in northeastern England. As the youngest of four sons in a family that looked upon singing as its main entertainment, he grew up with a catholic taste in music—one always leavened by the traditional songs that were sung and learned in the home, in the schools, from radio, records, and the people around him. On both sides of the Atlantic, he is an acclaimed performer of British traditional songs, ballads, and stories.

"Collected by A.L. Lloyd in the early 1950's from a crew member of an Antarctic whaling factory ship. The song dates back to the Scots fleets which fished the Green land whaling grounds prior to the 1830's. It says much for the song and the resilience of traditional music that it should survive one whaling era, to appear 120 years later in another."

Once more to Greenland we are bound for to leave you all behind.
Our boats and ship are green
And our blubber hooks are keenand we sail before the wintry wind.

We left our sweethearts and our wives a-weepin' by the pier.
Cheer up now my dears
For we soon will return, for it's only half a year.

And with tarry dress we reached Stromness where the boys did go ashore.
For with whalermen scarce
And the water even less why we had to take on more.

Sut when we reached the northern ice we crowded on full sail.
Each boat was manned
With a keen and lively band all for to hunt the whale.

But it's dark and dreary grows the night and the stars begin to dawn,
For with the catchin' of the whales
And the trying of the oil, it seems like we'll never return.

But our six months bein' done we tie up again and the''boys they go ashore.
For with plenty of brass
And a bonny, bonnie lass and we'll make them taverns roar.

And to Greenland's frost we'll drink a toast, and to them we hold so dear.
Then across the icy main
To the whaling grounds again, we'll take a trip next year.

"This song was written by Cyril Tawney in 1959. The title is a euphemism for the Royal Navy, equating the color of its funnels with those of company emblems found on commercial shipping lines. The song, though romantic, does show the boredom, loneliness, and longing for home that afflicts many who work on modern screw-driven vessels, whether the sailors be naval or merchant marine."

Don't mind the wind or the rollin' sea,
The weary nights never trouble me.
The hardest time in a sailor's day
Is to watch the sun as it sinks away.

Chorus: One more day on the Grey Funnel Line.

Oh, the finest ship that sails the sea,
It's still a prison for the likes of me.
But if I had wings like Noah's dove,
Then I'd fly up harbor to the one I love.

Now there was a time when I was free
Like a floatin' spar on the rollin' sea.
But now that spar is washed ashore,
It comes to rest at my real love's door.

Every time I gaze behind the screws,
How I long to be in Saint Peter's shoes.
Then I'd walk on down that silvery lane
And I'd take my real love in my arms again.

Oh Lord, if dreams were always real,
Then I'd put my hands on that wooden wheel
And with all my heart I'd turn her round
And I'd tell the boys that we're homeward bound.

So I'll pass the time like some machine
Until the blue ocean turns to green.
Then I'll dance on down that walk ashore
And I'll sail the Grey Funnel Line no more.
I'll sail the Grey Funnel Line no more.

Download PDF of full Liner Notes

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Classic Maritime Music From Smithsonian Folkways
(Previously Released Tracks)
  • Classic Maritime Music From Smithsonian Folkways
    • 2004 - Smithsonian Folkways SFW40053 CD

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  • Track List:
    1. Roll Alabama Roll ( The Alabama) — The X Seamen's Institute
    2. Shenandoah — The X Seamen's Institute
    3. Clear the Track and Let the Bullgine Roll — Sam Eskin
    4. Greenland Whale Fisheries — Stuart Gillespie
    5. Paddy Doyle's Boots — Alan Mills And The Shantymen
    6. The Black Ball Line — The Foc'Sle Singers
    7. The Sloop John B. — Dicey Doh Singers
    8. Tommy's Gone to Hilo — Stuart M. Frank
    9. Lord Franklin — Gold Ring
    10. The Handsome Cabin Boy — Stuart Gillespie
    11. Rio Grande — The Foc'Sle Singers
    12. Run Come See — The X Seamen's Institute
    13. Ten Penny Bit ( Instrumental) — Ellen Cohn
    14. South Australia — Stan Hugill
    15. Haul Away Joe — Lead Belly
    16. Blood Red Roses Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger, A.L. Lloyd And Chorus
    17. All for Me Grog Louis Killen, Jeff And Gerrett Warner And Fud Benson
    18. Haul on the Bowline — The Foc'Sle Singers
    19. Bully in the Alley — Morrigan
    20. Chesapeake Born — Tom and Mark Wisner
    21. A Hundred Years on the Eastern Shore — Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger, A.L. Lloyd And Chorus
    22. Dredgin' is My Drudgery — Tom and Mark Wisner
    23. Liverpool Judies ( Instrumental) — Stuart M. Frank
    24. Santiano — The X Seamen'S Institute, Louis Killen and Stan Hugill
      • from Sea Songs: 1978 - Folkways/Heritage FTS 37311 LP
    25. Reuben Ranzo — The X Seamen's Institute
    26. The Girls Around Cape Horn — Tom Goux And Jacek Sulanowski
    27. Adieu My Lovely — Nancy Morrigan
    28. The Dreadnaught — Tom Sullivan
    29. Married to a Mermaid — Tom Goux And Jacek Sulanowski
    30. Boney — The X-Seamen'S Institute
    31. Homeward Bound/The Old Slipper Shoe ( Instrumental) — Tom Sullivan
    32. Homeward Bound — Stuart M. Frank

  • Musicians
    • A. L. Lloyd: Vocals
    • Alan Mills: Vocals
    • Bill Caldwell: Vocals
    • Crew Of The USCG Polar Star: Background Vocals
    • Ellen Cohn: Anglo-German Concertina
    • Ewan MacColl: Vocals
    • Fud Benson,: Vocals
    • Gerret Warner: Vocals
    • Gilbert LaCombe: Guitar
    • Jacek Sulanowski: Vocals
    • Jeff Warner: Vocals
    • Lead Belly: Vocals, Guitar
    • Louis Killen: Vocals (Tracks: 17 & 24)
    • Mark Wisner: Vocals, Guitar
    • Marty Dutcher: Vocals
    • Peggy Seeger: Vocals
    • Sam Eskin: Vocals, Guitar
    • Stan Hugill: Vocals
    • Stuart Frank: Concertina
    • Stuart Gillespie: Vocals, Concertina
    • Stuart M. Frank: Vocals, Melodeon, Button Accordion
    • Teresa Whitaker: Vocals
    • Terry Corcoran: Vocals
    • The Shanty Men: Vocals
    • Tom Goux: Vocals, Concertina
    • Tom Sullivan: Vocals, Concertina, Banjo
    • Tom Wisner: Vocals, Guitar
    • Morrigan:
      • Vocals: Marc Bridgham, Mary Molloy, William Pint
    • The Dicey Doh Singers:
      • Vocals: Edward Bethel, Dwayne Curtis, Garland Dean, Kermit Strachan, Tex Turnquest
    • The Foc'sle Singers:
      • Vocals: Paul Clayton, Roger Abrahams, Dave Van Ronk, Bob Brill, Bob Yellin
    • The X-Seamen's Institute:
      • Vocals: John Townley, Bernie Klay, Dan Aguiar, Frank Woerner

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