Folk Box - Volume 1
1965 - Yorkshire 27002 (4)LP


Record 1 - Side One … from various Tradition recordings

The Birds' Courtship - Ed McCurdy

O'Donnell Aboo - the Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem [1]

John Henry - Mrs. Etta Baker

The Hearse Song - Colyn Davies

Rodenos - el Nino de Ronda

Johnny's Gone To Hilo - Paul Clayton

Dark As A Dungeon - Glenn Yarbrough

Record 1 - Side Two: Pete Seeger

Road To Eilat


Die Gendanken Sind Frei


Kisses Sweeter Than Wine

In The Evening When The Sun Goes Down

Record 2 - Side One: Leadbelly

Noted Rider

Big Fat Woman

Burrow Love & Go

Bring Me Li'l Water Silyy

Julie Ann Johnson

Whoe Back Buck

John Hardy

Record 2 - Side Two: Woody Guthrie

Gypsy Baby

More Pretty Girls Than One

Pretty Boy Floyd

Poor Boy

Hey Lolly Lolly

Lonesome Day

Record 3 - Side One [2]

The Rattlin' Bog - Bobby Clancy (lead vocal)

Red Fox - Peg Clancy

Why Don't You Get Johnny's Supper - Bobby Clancy

Mitty Matty - Clancy Children

Soldier, Soldier - Peg & Bobby Clancy

A Big Ship's Sailing - Clancy Children

Dowdling - Mrs. John Clancy [3]

Goodie On A Saucer - Bobby Clancy

O-Row Shay Dho Vaha Wal-Yeh - led by Lory Kiely

Jeremiah Blow the Fire - Clancy Family

I've Come All The Way From Dublin - Clancy children

She Can Knit - Peg Clancy

Amhran Dochais - Liam Clancy [3]

Record 3- Side Two: Rod McKuen

I Dig Sausalito

Kranko's Hippie Party

Love Child's Lament

Record 4 - Side One: Elsa Lanchester

Fiji Fanny

At the Drive In

If You Can't Get In the Corners

Please Sell No More Drink To My Father

When A Lady Has A Piazza

Linda and Her Londonderry Air

Record 4 - Side Two … from various Tradition recordings

Sail Away Ladies - Odetta

Ain't No More Cane on this Brazis - Alan Lomax

Railroad Bill - Mrs Etta Baker

Billy Boy - Ed McCurdy

When I was Single - David Hammond

Donna, donna - Brass band and chorus


1 from The Rising of the Moon: 1956 © Tradition TLP 1006 LP

2 Theses tracks are (the full side 1) from At Home with the Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem and their families: 1967 - Tradition/Everest TR 2060 LP. Which is all previously released material … primarily from So Early In The Morning: 1961 © Tradition 1034 LP

3 Except … these tracks, which are from The Lark In The Morning: 1955 © Tradition TLP 1004 LP

In addition, many of the above tracks come from various Tradition recordings.

Sleeve Notes (excerpts)

O'DONNELL ABOO … from "The Rising of the Moon" (TLP 1006) an album of Irish rebel songs sung with fervor, much fervor, by Tommy Makem and Patrick, Tom and Liam Clancy.

Balladeers notes

While pictured on the cover and credit on the record label, only one true CBTM track appears on this anthology.