Eddie Dillon

Eddie Dillon: The Barber's Lament


  • The Barber's Lament
    • 2000 - ARK 2060 CD
  • Track List:
    1. Barber's Lament
    2. Sippewisett
    3. Lady of Ladies
    4. Dad's Song
    5. Ellen's Waltz
    6. More's Solitude
    7. Cab's Call Away
    8. Petaler
    9. Phillip's Street
    10. Danny Boy
    11. Only Skies Are Forever
    12. Rathangan's Own

  • Musicians
    • Eddie Dillon: Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin
  • Credits
    • Cover Design: Eddie Dillon
    • Cover Photo: Susan Wilson


Performing with the Clancy Brothers and as a solo artist, Dillon is an acoustic guitarist whose individual style is highly recognizable. Blending both Celtic and American influences, he has created a tapestry of melodies—some familiar but mostly original that are soothing, energetic, disarming in their simplicity and intriguing in their beauty.