Tunes 'n' Tales of Ireland
1988 — Folk Rea FE 2061 CD


Track List:

Wild Colonial Boy

Jug Of Punch

Master McGrath

William Bloat

Sweet Thames Flow Softly ( Ewan MacColl)

Eddystone Light

Bantry Girl's Lament

Pub With No Beer

Off To Philadelphia

I'm A Freeborn Man (Ewan MacColl)

Sister Josephine (Jake Thackray)

Finnegan's Wake

Wild Rover

Rising Of The Moon

Parting Glass


Paddy Clancy: Vocals and Harmonica
Tom Clancy: Vocals
Bobby Clancy: Vocals, Harmonica, Bodhrán and Banjo
Robbie O'Connell: Vocals and Guitar

Jesse Winch: Bodhrán
Dick Kniss: Bass

Steve Fiott: Editing
Executive Producer, Photography, Producer
Dr. Toby Mountain: Editing, Engineer
Allan Shaw: Executive Producer

EP release

The Clancy Brothers with Robbie O'Connell
1988 - Folk Era FE 1007 MD EP
Tracks: Rothsea-O (non-album cut), Finnegan's Wake & Rising of the Moon

Review by Sean McGuinness


The second release from the Paddy, Tom, Bobby, O'Connell line-up. Bobby called this album "crap." Paddy was a bit more diplomatic when saying that it wasn't their "best effort." Although this is a live recording, it sounds as if the audience is in a land far far away. To top things off, the album is mixed very badly and sounds muddy. This is by far the worst live recording they have ever made and is available on CD.

The only three tracks worth mentioning are "Master McGrath", which is a different version altogether from the version on the "In Concert" album, "Sister Josephine" sung by Robbie O'Connell, and "Off To Philadelphia", an old music hall song sung by Tom. Other than these tracks, this CD features inferior versions of songs that have been recorded countless numbers of times and songs which really shouldn't have been done at all (i.e. "Eddystone Light", "Bantry Girls Lament" and "Pub With No Beer"). There is some good stage banter, however.

I rate this CD a C-.

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This was the last full album by the Clancy Brothers with Tom Clancy, who passed away in 1990.