Bobby Clancy: Make Me a Cup


  • Make Me a Cup
    • 1999 - ARK 2022 CD
  • Track List:
    1. Constancy
    2. Ho Ri Ho Ro
    3. The Planter's Daughter
    4. Paper of Pins
    5. Florry Nancy
    6. Hogan's Goose
    7. The Bleacher Lass
    8. The Upside Down Blackbird
    9. Mari's Wedding
    10. The Life That I Have
    11. The Hawker's Tale
    12. Ann Boleyn
    13. No Pain
    14. Five Reasons
    15. The Glass of Beer
    16. Keg of Brandy
    17. The Drinker's Poem
    18. Juice of the Barley
    19. Make Me a Cup
    20. A Drinking Song
    21. Meditation of an Old Fisherman
    22. Song of the Wandering Angus
    23. Lake Isle of Innisfree
    24. When You Are Old
    25. The Sally Gardens
    26. Red Hanrahan's Song for Ireland
    27. The Fiddler of Dooney
    28. Host of the Air

Sleeve Notes

Bobby Clancy has performed in every major hall in Europe and the United States with the Clancy Brothers and on his own. His vast collection of songs, poems and humorous verse is represented here in his latest CD, "Make Me a Cup." Along with his daughter, Aoife, and son, Finbarr, who contribute songs on their own, Bobby has created a CD that makes you feel like you're in Tipperary in his kitchen, it's Saturday night, there's pint on the table and he's singing this song or reciting this poem just for you.

Eddie Dillon