Aoife Clancy: Faire Winds Live
Bill Jones, Aoife Clancy & Anne Hills


  • Faire Winds Live
    • 2003 - Brick Wall BRICK 006C CD
  • Track List:
    1. Across The Blue Mountains (Trad. Appalachian)
    2. Pendle Hill (Anne Hills)
    3. Rocking The Cradle (Bill Jones/Trad)
    4. Some Boats (Anne Hills)
    5. Is Fada Liom Uaimí Uaimí (I Long For Her) (Eithne Ní Uallachainn/Trad.)
    6. So Here's To You (Alan Bell)

  • Musicians
    • Anne Hills: Vocals, Banjo, Guitar, Harmony Vocals
    • Aoife Clancy: Vocals, Guitar, Bodhrán, Harmony Vocals
    • Bill Jones: Vocals, Piano, Tin Whistle, Accordion, Harmony Vocals
  • Credits
    • All tracks recorded during the Faire Winds USA tour October/November 2002
      • Track 1 recorded by Aoife on her 2002 album "Silvery Moon" APRCD 1065
      • Track 2 recorded by Anne with Fourtold on their 2003 album "Fourtold" APRCD 1071
      • Track 3 recorded by Bill on her 2001 album "Panchpuran" BRICK002CD (UK) or COM-CD 7 4338 2 (USA)
      • Track 4 recorded by Anne on her 1998 album "Bittersweet Street" RWMCD 5402
    • Arranged by Anne, Aoife, Bill
    • Design & Artwork: Bryan Ledgard
    • Mastered at NRS Recording Studio, Catskill, New York, USA.
    • Mastered by Scott Petito
    • Photography: Irene Young


Three singers from three countries, all renowned solo artists in their own right, The Faire Winds are: Bill Jones, Anne Hills, a singer-songwriter from Michigan now living in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, who has toured extensively both solo and in collaborations with artists including Tom Paxton and Michael Smith. Aoife Clancy, formerly lead singer with Irish-American group Cherish the Ladies, is originally from Tipperary, Ireland, but has lived in Boston for eleven years. Aoife's third album, Silvery Moon, was released in October 2003 on the Appleseed record label. The Faire Winds Live CD, is now available by mail order from Brick Wall Music. It features six songs recorded during the Faire Winds' first USA tour, and was mastered by Scott Petito at NRS Studios, Catskill, New York. The CD was launched on the The Faire Winds' first UK tour in September 2003, a fifteen date tour assisted by funding from The Arts Council of England.